Social Networking

How many social networks is too many? I’m pretty sure that I’m on my way to finding out the answer to this question. My first exposure to was in 2007 when I signed up for the EdubloggerWorld network and shortly after that I signed up for the Stop Cyberbullying network. I’m not very active in either one of those networks, and until April 2008 I really didn’t pay that much attention to the Ning platform that was driving either of those networks.

In April I decided to start my own Ning network just to see if it might work as kind of an aggregator for all my different blogs and such. I’m thinking that it probably won’t do what I want it to, especially since the free version won’t support some of the functionality that I’m looking for. Within a couple of days of creating my first Ning network, I received an invite from Ken G. to join Moose Works which is a newly created community of Minnesota e-learning professionals. This is currently a private network. You have to be invited (via email) to join a private network. Anyone can join a public network.

I subscribe to Jane Hart’s blog titled “Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day” where I learned about a Ning network that she created called 25 Tools. As a contributor to her Top Learning Tools lists I decided that I should join her network. This is currently the largest network that I am actively engaged in. 25 Tools Ning Network.

I also created a private network for a smaller group of people to collaborate and communicate in a social network. Here are the steps that a person would follow to join a (private) Ning network.

Step 1: receive email from network “owner” or person inviting you to join:

step one

Step 2: sign up with the password of your choice:

step 2

Step 3: answer a couple of Profile questions, upload a photo or avatar if you like.

step 3

Step 4: Customize your My Page or just start interacting with your new friends.

step 4

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