RSS Readers

First Choice: Bloglines

Bloglines screenshot

From their website: What is Bloglines?
“Bloglines is a FREE online service that helps you subscribe to and manage lots of web information, such as news feeds, weblogs and audio. Bloglines tracks the information you’re interested in, retrieves new stuff as it happens, and organizes everything for you on your own personal web news page.”

How Does Bloglines Work?
“Bloglines is a “news aggregator.” Many online information sources, including web sites, weblogs and news services, now broadcast their content to the web in so-called “syndicated feeds” or “news feeds” with new technologies like Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and ATOM. News aggregator software and services collect those syndicated feeds and present them to end users in a variety of ways. (snip) After you join Bloglines you simply search for the content you are interested in and identify the feeds you want to track. Once you “subscribe” to those feeds (a single-click maneuver in most cases), Bloglines will constantly check those feeds for changes or additions and direct new information onto your Bloglines personal page.”

The public listing of the feeds I read:

Here’s some useful stuff:

Other Options #1: Google Reader

Other Options #2: Sage Extension for Firefox Browser  When you always use the same computer. In other words, you don’t need to be able to access your feeds from any computer in the world. This suggestion will work well as long as you have your own computer with you to access the feeds.

2 Comments on “RSS Readers”

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  2. George Says:

    I use “Extra Systems RSS Internet Reader”. I like it.

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