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Blog not being updated

August 8, 2013

ClosedThis site has not been updated since 2008, and probably won’t be.

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Hello Tennessee!!

June 18, 2008

Summer Institute Word CloudA big Memphis welcome to all the participants in the the Tennessee e-Learning Summer Institute which is being co-hosted by the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) and the University of Memphis.

  • WHAT: TBR eLearning Summer Institute: Web 2.0 Applications for Teaching and Learning Online.
  • WHEN: June 25-27, 2008
  • WHERE: University of Memphis FedEx Center
  • WHO: open to all TBR faculty and staff members.
  • TAG: TBR08 (Twitter hashtag #TBR08)

Welcome NROC Webinar Attendees

December 6, 2007
Web 2.0 Logo with NROC

Welcome to all participants in the NROC (National Repository of Online Courses) webinar on December 6, 2007. I hope that you find a few useful tools today as I blast through lots of possibilities for you to consider. Feel free to use the chat widget titled “FreeWebTools” on the right panel of these pages during the presentation. Ask a question or make a comment. I am the only one who will see your message, but I’ll share it with the group if possible.

Audio Narration Added to Pages

October 23, 2007

I am creating audio narration files for each of the pages listed at the right. So far, audio has been added to Blog Sites, Communications, and Creativity Tools. More to come.

The audio file will continue to play as long as you don’t leave the page containing the audio player. I recommend that you use a tabbed browser so that you can open links into a new tab, thereby not stopping the audio file on the main page for each tool set.

The audio file above was made as an experiment using to convert text into speech. The one thing that I don’t like about it is that the recorded file includes a tag “ All Rights Reserved.” Ummm, no. I don’t want them reserving rights on my work.

Welcome ITC AudioConference Attendees

September 7, 2007

Hello, and welcome to this resource related to free web-based tools for educational uses. I am creating this repository of information as another possible presentation approach for some of the tools that I cover in my Web 2.0 Whirlwind presentations. I’m hoping that this will be an effective way for attendees to follow along during the audioconference as well as providing the opportunity to revisit at a later date to review the information and explore the links even further.

Web two dot oh logos

There will be more information here than we can possibly cover in the audioconference. That’s okay (with me, at least), since you can spend as much additional time here as you choose. We will click on the links in the right-side panel (scroll up if necessary) to visit different categories as we go through the conference.

(Flickr photo courtesy of Stabilo-Boss under Creative Commons licensing.)

About Me

September 7, 2007

Barry photo

In case you’re wondering about who the heck I am – here’s the skinny. In my day job I serve as the Vice President of Technology and e-Campus at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN. That means I am responsible for the e-learning efforts at Lake Superior Connect, as well as computer services and web services at the college.

More on the About page.