Audio Narration Added to Pages

I am creating audio narration files for each of the pages listed at the right. So far, audio has been added to Blog Sites, Communications, and Creativity Tools. More to come.

The audio file will continue to play as long as you don’t leave the page containing the audio player. I recommend that you use a tabbed browser so that you can open links into a new tab, thereby not stopping the audio file on the main page for each tool set.

The audio file above was made as an experiment using to convert text into speech. The one thing that I don’t like about it is that the recorded file includes a tag “ All Rights Reserved.” Ummm, no. I don’t want them reserving rights on my work.

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2 Comments on “Audio Narration Added to Pages”

  1. skykid Says:

    It looks like good addition to posts – but you are right that their intro is too long and its not nice that they use the reserve rights tag in it.

  2. great tip. ive been looking for ways to add an audio to my blog post.

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