Welcome ITC AudioConference Attendees

Hello, and welcome to this resource related to free web-based tools for educational uses. I am creating this repository of information as another possible presentation approach for some of the tools that I cover in my Web 2.0 Whirlwind presentations. I’m hoping that this will be an effective way for attendees to follow along during the audioconference as well as providing the opportunity to revisit at a later date to review the information and explore the links even further.

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There will be more information here than we can possibly cover in the audioconference. That’s okay (with me, at least), since you can spend as much additional time here as you choose. We will click on the links in the right-side panel (scroll up if necessary) to visit different categories as we go through the conference.

(Flickr photo courtesy of Stabilo-Boss under Creative Commons licensing.)

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2 Comments on “Welcome ITC AudioConference Attendees”

  1. Barry, very nice to see.
    Will you be adding a categorie video tools?
    There’s so much out there we can use in education!
    Start take a lookl at http://www.tokbox.com
    then try the possibilities of ustream.tv, go one step further with kyte.tv and end up with operator11.com with which you (or your students) can make your own tv show!
    I’ve directed two educational shows and it’s plain fun!

    Also take a look at Vcasmo.com!
    (Enough for this weekend?)

  2. Wiziq is perfect virtual classroom for all !

    WiZiQ offers the following features:

    Works in Flash format and needs no downloads
    2-way live audio/video delivery
    Whiteboard with Math tools
    Synchronous Content sharing such as PowerPoint (retains animations and transitions), PDF, Flash, MS Word, MS Excel files and videos
    Records all sessions to be played back in Flash format (needs no downloads)
    Share PowerPoint presentations asynchronously even with narrated audio in slides


    Mark Cruthers

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